Medical Tablet By Royal Philips Set To Boost Remote Patient Management

Soon to be available in North America, Europe and Japan, the tablet will provide remote access to patient data, facilitating large-scale patient monitoring during health emergencies such as the Covid 19 pandemic. As one of the world’s technology leaders, Royal Philips promises easy patient access to clinicians through its portable monitoring kit. A GROUNDBREAKING SOFTWARE […]

Octopus Ventures with new healthtech team and €112.5 million global fund

Octopus Ventures ended this month with amazing news about their future aspirations. A whole new team with ambitious approach and a global fund of €112.5 million, in order to achieve ascendancy of the health tech market. The whole investment, which is targeting around €112.5 million, will be imbued in the outset of health tech businesses. The fund’s […]

CES 2021 : The Most Promising Innovations In Health Devices, Software And Technologies

CES, with its decades-long history of extravagant conventions, did no take over Las Vegas this year, but instead digitised this year’s event, fully adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic by replacing crowded conference rooms, live speeches and late-night parties with state-of-the-art virtual chats allowing people from all over the world to join the big names in […]

The 10 Biggest Medical Innovations For 2021 According to Cleveland Clinic

World-leading clinicians and researchers unveil ground-breaking medical advances and introduce a new prize for innovation in healthcare. The annual Medical Innovation Summit, organised by Cleveland Clinic Innovations, the development and commercialization division of Cleveland Clinic, is now in its 18th year and has served as a key platform for the introduction of the 10 biggest […]