International HealthTech Festival 2022

2nd Annual Event

Dec 5, 2022 | 10:00-17:00 CEST | VIRTUAL

Join us in our European HealthTech Festival, for a full day of top speakers! Over 30 Key Opinion Leaders 15 countries will participate in a +10-hour multilingual live broadcast!


HealthTech Festival 2022

An interactive one-day digital event that brings together:

About Healthtech

Healthtech is the largest community promoting knowledge and experience sharing for discovering how blended technology will shape THE FUTURE of healthcare.

Decision makers

Continuous healthtech education brings better value to both professionals and patients and bridges everyday practice with innovation and new technologies. Watch. Learn. Be Inspired!

Brightest minds as speakers

An opportunity to see some of the best professionals in the world from the MEDICAL, LIFE SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY sectors, while participating in in-depth conversations. Become a member of our global community.

Our Outstanding 2022 Speakers

Get a 360-degree perspective from world-class CEOs and physicians on all latest novelties, techniques and knowledge sharing.

Stavros Mercouris

Stavros Mercouris (London) joined KKR in 2014 and is a member of the European Private Equity platform focusing on…

Paolo Di Giorgio

Paolo Di Giorgio is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Angelini Ventures, the corporate venture arm of…

Marco Gorini

20+ years in commercial and medical roles across various therapeutic areas, Marco Gorini is currently the Head of Healthcare…

Stefano Patarnello

Stefano Patarnello is a theoretical physicist by background. Currently he is COO of a Generator Data Science Center at…

Sofoklis Kyriazakos

Dr. Sofoklis Kyriazakos is the CEO of Innovation Sprint, a digital biotech company that provides innovative technologies in Life…

Baudouin Hue

Baudouin is a Partner at Karista, early stage Venture Capital firm established in 2001, and investing across Europe. Pioneering…

Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company aiming to change the way we interact with the brain,…

Thibault Poirier

Thibault is a Managing Director at Rothschild & Co focusing on healthcare services and medical technologies. Based in London,…

Shamik Parekh

Prior to joining Octopus, Shamik was a founding member of the TenX Health fund. He also worked at the…

Lorenzo Positano

Lorenzo Positano leads Boston Consulting Group’s Health Care practice in Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel, and is a core…

Yahel Halamish

Originally from Israel, now based in Sunny Barcelona.Yahel joined Nina Capital, a specialized venture capital firm investing exclusively at…

Vittorio Martinelli

He has always been involved in sales and marketing in large multinationals in the medical field (eg Johnson &…

Björn Von Siemens

Hailing from a background of technology and healthcare innovators, Bjoern von Siemens is driven by the vision of creating…

Daniel Fallscheer

Dr. Daniel Fallscheer is CEO and Co-Founder of DasLab. He launched the digital lab diagnostics platform in September 2020…

Alex Merwin

Alex Merwin is an operations executive with over ten years of experience building and scaling high-performance teams at startups…

Alice Zilioli

Since 2020 Alice Zilioli has been responsible in Roche Italy for the Marketing & Customer Innovation function, leading a…

Stefano Corvasce

Since 2020, Stefano Corvasce is Integrated Strategy Lead (iSL) Neuroscience at Roche Italy and directly responsible for commercial, access…

Luigi Lavorgna

Neurologist at OU Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”. Coordinator of the Study Group “Digital Technologies, web and…

Fredrik Debong

Fredrik Debong is a serial entrepreneur (,,, an inventor and investor in the spaces of health technology and financial services….

Edward Kliphuis

Edward is a partner at Sofinnova Partners focused on Digital Medicine investments. Previously, Edward was at M Ventures, the…

Yulun Wang

Dr. Wang is a Fellow at Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) where he contributes various R&D initiatives, and the company’s…

Sharon Allen

Sharon Allen is the Co-founder and Executive Director of World Telehealth Initiative (WTI). Under her leadership, WTI developed and is…

Alice Pelton

Alice Pelton is the Founder of The Lowdown, the UK’s leading contraception review and subscriptions platform. Alice suffered debilitating…

Alessandro Radaelli

Alessandro brings over 20 years of experience in the medtech industry spanning from academic research to new business development and…

Lucanus Polagnoli

Lucanus is one of Europe’s emerging managers with a long track record in the industry: startup operator, CFO, former…

Danila De Stefano

Having just graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology from La Sapienza University, Danila De Stefano chooses to leave her…

Eirini Rapti

Eirini started inne in 2017 motivated by her own desire to use natural contraception, but realised that traditional natural…

Blaž Triglav

Blaz is the CEO of Mediately, the leading medical app company in CEE and Italy, helping doctors with drug…

Aline Noizet

Aline Noizet is a connector by heart! Passionate about innovation and new technologies applied to healthcare, she is very…

Victor Savevski

Victor Savevski is Chief Innovation Officer and AI Center Director at Humanitas. He is also Adjunct Professor at Humanitas…


HealthTech Festival 2022


Victor Savevski

The Data-driven Surgery Revolution

Björn Von Siemens (CareSyntax)

Digital Lab Infrastructure as Key Enabler for Seamless Healthcare Delivery

Daniel Fallscheer (

Healthcare at the Crossroads

Lorenzo Positano (BCG)

Digital innovation in clinical pathways

Alice Zilioli (Roche)

Digital Biomarkers to support a more informed Multiple Sclerosis management: Floodlight MS

Stefano Corvasce (Roche), Dr. Luigi Lavorgna (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Luigi Vanvitelli)

Artificial Intelligence and Diagnosis

Vittorio Martinelli (Olympus)

Investment and the Role of Private Equity in Healthcare and Innovation. The Impact of Digitalization

Stavros Mercouris (KKR), Thibault Poirier (RothsChild & Co)
Yahel Halamish

VCs Great Reset and Healthtech

Baudouin Hue (Karista), Shamik Parekh (Octopus), Lucanus Polagnoli (Calm/Storm)
Aline Noizet

Transforming Healthcare at Home and Abroad

Yulun Wang (Teladoc), Sharon Allen (World Telehealth Initiative)
Alessandro Petrich

Azimuth Project for Patients with Heart Failure

Marco Gorini (AstraZeneca), Stefano Patarnello (Gemelli Digital Medicine and Health), Sofoklis Kyriazakos (Innovation Sprint)

AWS Advancing Health Equity through Collaboration

Alex Merwin (AWS)
Aline Noizet

Learnings from 15 Years in Digital Health

Fredrik Debong (

Women in HealthTech

Alice Pelton (The LowDown), Eirini Rapti (Inne)
Yahel Halamish

Doctors as Consumers – Mediately’s Experience with 200,000 Doctors

Blaž Triglav (Mediately)
Alessandro Petrich

The Revolution of Online Mental Healthcare: Back to Basics. The Quality of the Therapies is the Recipe for Success

Danila De Stefano (UnoBravo)
Alessandro Petrich

Revolutionary Brain Therapy, Ethics and Diversity – Fireside Chat with Neuroelectrics

Ana Maiques (Neuroelectrics)
Aline Noizet

Angelini and the Future of Healthcare

Paolo Di Giorgio (Angelini)

Technology Transfer: Science to Market

Alessandro Radaelli (NLC)

Unlocking the Power of Medicine

Edward Kliphuis (Sofinnova Partners)
Alessandro Petrich
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Video Library

The Data-driven Surgery Revolution, Björn Von Siemens (CareSyntax)
Digital Lab Infrastructure as Key Enabler for Seamless Healthcare Delivery, Daniel Fallscheer (DasLab)
Healthcare at the Crossroads, Lorenzo Positano (BCG)
Digital Innovation in Clinical Pathways, Alice Zilioli (Roche)
Digital Biomarkers to support a more informed Multiple Sclerosis management: Floodlight MS, Stefano Corvasce (Roche), Dr. Luigi Lavorgna (Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Luigi Vanvitelli)
Artificial Intelligence and Diagnosis, Vittorio Martinelli (Olympus)
Investment and the Role of Private Equity in Healthcare and Innovation. The Impact of Digitalization, Stavros Mercouris (KKR) and Thibault Poirier (RothsChild & Co) – Moderated by Yahel Halamish
VCs Great Reset and Healthtech, Baudouin Hue (Karista), Shamik Parekh (Octopus), and Lucanus Polagnoli (Calm/Storm) – Moderated by Aline Noizet
Transforming Healthcare at Home and Abroad, Yulun Wang (Teladoc) and Sharon Allen (World Telehealth Initiative)- Moderated by Alessandro Petrich
Azimuth Project for Patients with Heart Failure, Marco Gorini (AstraZeneca), Stefano Patarnello (Gemelli Digital Medicine and Health), and Sofoklis Kyriazakos (Innovation Sprint)
AWS Advancing Health Equity through Collaboration, Alex Merwin (AWS) – Moderated by Aline Noizet
Learnings from 15 Years in Digital Health, Fredrik Debong (
Women in HealthTech, Alice Pelton (The LowDown) and Eirini Rapti (Inne) – Moderated by Yahel Halamish
Doctors as Consumers – Mediately’s Experience with 200,000 Doctors, Blaž Triglav (Mediately) – Moderated by Alessandro Petrich
The Revolution of Online Mental Healthcare: Back to Basics. The Quality of the Therapies is the Recipe for Success, Danila De Stefano (UnoBravo) – Moderated by Alessandro Petrich
Revolutionary Brain Therapy, Ethics and Diversity – Fireside Chat with Neuroelectrics, Ana Maiques (Neuroelectrics) – Moderated by Aline Noizet
Angelini and the Future of Healthcare, Paolo Di Giorgio (Angelini)
Technology Transfer: Science to Market, Alessandro Radaelli (NLC)
Unlocking the Power of Medicine, Edward Kliphuis (Sofinnova Partners) – Moderated by Alessandro Petrich

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Notable Past Speakers

Stanislas Niox-Chateau

Born in 1987 in Paris Stanislas Niox-Chateau first played tennis, before a severe back injury led him to focus…

Prem Sharma

Prem is a serial entrepreneur with experience in building and scaling multiple start-ups. Prem has a decade of strong…

Tjasha Zajc

Tjasha Zajc, with her background in healthcare management and economics, is the host of the Faces of Digital Health…

Frederic Llordachs

Dr. Frederic Llordachs, MD with MBA, specialized in New business in Healthcare industries and Innovative internet-based services. He has…

Felix Faltin

Felix heads digital health investments at Speedinvest, a European early stage venture capital fund that invests in early-stage tech…

Fabrizio Bellina

Fabrizio Bellina is now the Director Digital Health Solutions at Alira Health. Previously, he was the Marketing and Customer…

Pascal Lardier

Pascal is a digital health strategist and connector. He was appointed Vice President for content across events and media…

Angela Spatharou

Senior Partner for Healthcare and Life Sciences for IBM, Global Business Services, UK & Ireland, and Leader, EMEA Healthcare…

Umang Patel

Umang is the Managing Director, Value Based Care (UK & EU), he spends time making sure that safe, effective,…

Vincenzo Bartoli

Vincenzo is Digital Innovation and Business Excellence Director at AstraZeneca Italy, since December 2019. From January 2021 he is…

Jan-Philipp Beck 

Jan-Philipp is passionate about transforming healthcare in Europe through partnership and innovation. As CEO, his overarching objective is to…

Thomas Clozel

Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder at Owkin, a French-American startup which specialises in AI and Federated Learning for…

Thomas J. Fuchs

Dr. Thomas J. Fuchs is the Founder and Chief Scientist at Paige. He is a pioneer in the groundbreaking…

Marina Borukhovic

Marina is a transformative tech leader, an exemplar of the power of health coaching, a breast cancer superhero, and…

Marzio Ghezzi

CEO and Executive Director with international experience in the Health Tech, Medical Device and Pharma industries. During his career…

Alessandro Monterosso

With strong “T shaped” skills, Alessandro Monterosso is the ideator of PatchAi®, a digital medical platform for conversational and…

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