Blaž Triglav

Position: CEO
Organization: Mediately
Country: Slovenia

Blaz is the CEO of Mediately, the leading medical app company in CEE and Italy, helping doctors with drug information, clinical decision support tools, and accredited medical education. Blaž Triglav studied Business Economics and Business Administration with a focus on Technology Management at the University of Ljubljana and co-founded Mediately directly after finishing his studies. From the beginning, his goal, along with his two co-founders, was to develop medical apps for doctors to support them in their daily work. The Mediately app is now a daily driver for more than 200,000 doctors in 9 European countries, helping them make better decisions for their patients. As CEO, his responsibilities include defining the company’s strategy, setting the company’s long term goals, and planning country expansion to fulfill Mediately’s mission of becoming the leading doctor app in Europe.