Danila De Stefano

Position: CEO
Organization: UnoBravo
Country: Italy

Having just graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology from La Sapienza University, Danila De Stefano chooses to leave her comfort zone and move to London, where she holds the position of research assistant for a year and works in several psychiatric clinics and charities.

It was from the difficulty of finding psychological help in her native language for herself that Danila had the intuition to create a remote therapeutic support service useful for expats: this is how Unobravo was born.

In just three years Unobravo has become a reference point of online psychology in Italy and in the whole field: it has more than 2000 therapists, 40 thousand patients, a Core Team of 110 people and also works with corporates. In 2021 she was listed among Forbes Italy’s Under 30 in the Healthcare category.

In addition to being CEO & Founder of the company, Danila works actively to break down the stigma on the issue of mental health and with her testimony, she is a model for all women who want to give birth to entrepreneurial realities capable of revolutionizing the world of work.