Vincenzo Bartoli

Position: Vice President
Organization: Astrazeneca
Country: Italy
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Vincenzo is Digital Innovation and Business Excellence Director at AstraZeneca Italy, since December 2019. From January 2021 he is Vice president of Federated innovation – MIND  District, Milan, also this year he Is part of AZ Transforming Enterprise Model Lead (EUCAN-US-Japan). Before he joined AstraZeneca he was part of Novo Nordisk – Italy from 2002 until 2013, than he started working for Diabetes Business Unit  – AstraZeneca as Director  in Milan. 

As Digital Innovation and Business Excellence Director he Is leading the Growth through Innovation Strategy, the new AstraZeneca way to transform their business model, with the ambition to be the ranked 1 Innovative Pharma Company in 2025. In this role, Vincenzo is leading the following function to support AZ commercial ambition in the different TA and accelerate the Digital and Innovation roadmap they have set as a priority for the organization.