Agilisys to integrate its visionary data platform into Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust recently announced its partnership with Agilisys to integrate a state-of-the-art data platform programme that will enable the Trust to effectively drive the digitisation of its care provision.

Treating over 1.5 million patients each year, including over 200,000 emergency patients, Leeds Teaching Hospitals is one of the largest Trusts in the country. Data generation within the organisation is staggering, amounting to over 50 million pieces of information each month. This volume of data and the ability to optimise it within the healthcare system is at the heart of the Leeds Digital Way, the Trust’s vision for digital IT. Designed to put technology at the forefront of its patients’ and staff’s daily experience and the delivery of world-class healthcare and research, the Leeds Digital Way’s optimisation strategy relies on the use of such a comprehensive data processing platform. 

Agilisys’ data platform will be hosted in the cloud on Microsft Azure, which will also give the Trust access to Microsoft’s Power BI and Synapse, both of which will provide the organisation with a highly effective reporting and analysis service, offering up-to-date tools that Trust colleagues can use to collaborate and explore and exploit data. 

The healthtech visionary and Leeds Teaching Hospitals will work closely together to improve data quality, while establishing and embedding a data management framework that supports data integration at all levels of the organisation. 

Commenting on the recent partnership, Guy Dickie, Associate Director of Digital at Leeds University Hospitals, said that the Trust was delighted to be working with Agilisys to develop and integrate this cutting-edge platform. The depth of expertise and experience and passion of the Agilisys team will be fundamental to achieving excellent results. Dickie sees the integration as an opportunity for the institution to get ahead of the curve and enhance its data analytics capabilities to achieve “a modern, state-of-the-art solution that improves care and efficiency, reduces risk and saves money. “He concluded by highlighting the strength of the Trust’s foundations and the substantial amount of data it generates, and how this partnership is an opportunity to revolutionise and expand the use of such data like never before.

For his part, Max Jones, Managing Partner for Health at Agilisys, also expressed the company’s enthusiasm for an initiative that “is not only cutting edge technology, but also cutting edge thinking”. The collective knowledge, shared values and deep ambition to turn data into a major asset for making better decisions for patients will also create investment and clinical research opportunities that will in turn also improve clinical outcomes. 

The integration of the platform represents a visionary step towards healthcare data excellence, which will create new competencies within the Trust, while ensuring continued success through not only strong experience and databases, but also optimised service continuity and transition, which will only benefit the end user experience.