Belgian Iot-D Raises €1 Million To Boost Its Promising Telemedicine Spin-Out Dermatoo

IoT-D has secured financing totalling €1 million after a very successful first round dedicated to accelerating the development of Dermatoo, its first spin-off, which has been active in the e-health industry since 2018.

Dermatoo supports the sharing of advanced medical observations that facilitate the remote monitoring of patients and interventions by healthcare professionals. Conceptualised by IoT-D, the project is supported by experts and investors from the healthcare sector and has already sparked interest among international companies.

Julien Delarbre, CEO of IoT-D, explained how Dermatoo’s vision is to offer intelligent solutions that will reduce the administrative costs of care while facilitating patient management, in an effort for technology to help “enhance the relationship between patient and professionals by suppressing time-consuming tasks and putting patients at the centre of medical attention.”

Successfully endorsed by NOSHAQ, private investors and the Walloon Region’s support for innovation, Dermatoo will use these funds to strengthen its team and launch its first devices on the market. 

Gaëtan Servais, CEO of Noshaq, said he was delighted to support Dermatoo’s project “led by such a motivated team, with ambitious goals to develop the next generation of telemedicine solutions”, Delabre underlined the importance of Noshaq’s support. As a leader in the biotechnology and medical technology sector, “they are a comprehensive interlocutor that understands very well the businesses they invest in.”. While he concluded by sharing Dermatoo’s vision of becoming an active player in the growth product of his native Belgium “by managing several companies with high economic potential”, he also stressed the importance of Noshaq’s support.