Home health care of Cantieri Digitali MedTech closes a round of 600 thousand euros

The venture builder of home medicine raises € 600,000 from a pool of investors in the world of innovation and healthcare including Seven Investments, Rosario Bifulco, Heroes, Victor Savevski and NextUp.

Building the first decentralized hospital, i.e. an ecosystem in which all patients can access high-quality medical diagnostics and treatments directly from their homes, without the need to physically go to a hospital. This is the ambitious project of Cantieri Digitali Medtech, the venture builder of home medicine.

In a country where the old-age index is 180%, this model is designed to support the many elderly, disabled and people with walking difficulties, for whom going to hospital can be really complicated – as well as responding to the requests of those who, in the era of home delivery, want to avoid wasting time and money for unnecessary travel.

Backed by an exceptional response from patients served so far, Cantieri Digitali Medtech has recently closed its first investment round, raising € 600,000 from a pool of leading investors in the world of innovation and healthcare including Seven Investments, Rosario Bifulco , Heroes, Victor Savevski and NextUp.

The startups RX Home, Derma Help and Denta Home

The goal, thanks to the collaboration between talents with different expertise, is to elevate healthcare professionals to real digital businesses, providing them with business tools to which they would otherwise be unlikely to have access. The first startup born within the venture builder is RX Home, the home radiography service, already operational and in full growth phase. This is followed, by order of development, by Derma Help, the first teledermoscopy service available directly in pharmacies and in patients’ homes, and Denta Home, for dental hygiene and prosthesis relining at home and in nursing homes. Two other “hospital departments” are also in the testing and construction phase.

“We asked ourselves: if we can comfortably order anything from home, why shouldn’t we book online and get health care at home? Hence the idea of ​​Cantieri Digitali Medtech, a unique reality in our country “comments Mattia Perroni, Founder of Cantieri Digitali Medtech. “To date we focus on some types of private health services, but the margins for development are potentially infinite. Public health itself is increasingly moving towards home care and telemedicine: the latter already fully entered the National Health System last December. In fact, we think that all patients should have the right to care and treatment at home, especially if they have difficulty walking. We believe that at least 50% of hospital visits are avoidable. On the other hand, who likes to go to the hospital? “.

People prefer to avoid going to the hospital

The combination of a series of factors contributes to the success of the “decentralized hospital” model among investors and users. First of all, a significant portion of the population would prefer to avoid going to hospital or are even unable to do so due to motor difficulties. The Covid-19 pandemic then highlighted the importance of reducing hospital access, to limit the risk of contracting infections and relieve the burden of the national health system. In addition, technological progress has made it easier to transport the machinery needed to provide hospital-quality diagnostics and treatments. Finally, the model is easily scalable throughout the country and potentially within the European Union.

“We decided to focus on Cantieri Digitali Medtech because we believe that the project represents the near future of medicine, as well as for the important social impact inherent in it. The goal of building the first Italian decentralized hospital is certainly an ambitious project but we believe that the vision of the founders, combined with their motivation and entrepreneurial experience, are the right ingredients to achieve this goal. ” Gianmarco Mammì, CEO of Seven Investments, confirmed on the occasion of the round operation.