Hospital Overcrowding In The Midlands Addressed Through Innovative App

Dudley CCG has implemented a digital remote care solution including a smartphone application developed by the Norwegian medical software company Dignio to optimise the remote care of COVID patients. 

The MyDignio application is designed to help patients stay safely at home and therefore helps to minimise hospital admissions. It is also capable of alerting clinical staff if the patient is seriously ill so that they can be admitted promptly. 

The App is currently being used in pilot mode, with patients downloading this first version of MyDignio in parallel with their supplied Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to monitor their temperature and oxygen levels from the comfort of their own homes. 

The readings generated by the application are displayed on a dashboard at the local healthcare facility, allowing them to be assessed remotely by the clinical team who can safely track COVID patients, eliminating the need for physical consultations. 

The Scandinavian platform provides patients with useful information about their health and enables them to become more engaged in their own health through daily monitoring and communication. For a more complete follow-up, they can also report their symptoms through a questionnaire that gives them a clearer picture of their condition. 

The solution involves digitising the care of self-isolating patients who previously received phone calls to establish their symptoms. MyDignio enables the creation of a “virtual department” in each patient’s home by allowing the generation and storage of automatically recorded readings, as well as alerts sent to medical staff at the first sign of deterioration, allowing priority to be given to those patients who need it most.

Dignio is part of the Serenpid Accelerator programme which, in partnership with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), is intended to support the scaling up of digital innovations.

WMAHSN’s Clinical Adviser, Dr Julian Sonksen, explained in a statement how the AHSN actively supports NHS access to innovation, including digital solutions, to ensure the management of difficult clinical demands.

“At the start of the pandemic, WMAHSN assisted CCG Dudley in finding a digital solution that would complement and enhance its COVID service at home, and subsequently, after CCG found a solution, WMAHSN coordinated a comprehensive evaluation of the service, focusing on the digital remote care platform provided by Dignio,” he concluded. 

MyDignio has proven its value following its successful implementation in Dudley CCG’s patient management and could be used on a wider scale to monitor COVID-19 patients in the rest of the West Midlands and even nationally.

MyDignio offers a complete solution for the safe and efficient management of remote patient care. Dr Ewa Truchanowicz, Managing Director of MyDignio, spoke about the company’s acceptance into the Serenpid Accelarator programme and said that MyDignio looks forward to “further growth in the region and beyond”.  

He also said that working with the WMAHSN not only optimises the technology, but also its methodology and content. 

This innovative technology was also supported by WMAHSN experts during the company’s oxiometry as part of the Dudley GCC project. 

At the same time, the NHS’s Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group is also set to extend the solution to nursing homes in the Midlands. The application has been developed to be compatible with the monitoring of other conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension and general health, making it the perfect solution for a range of healthcare settings.