Komodo Health Announces Acquisition of Breakaway Partners to Improve Patient Journey

Komodo Health recently announced the acquisition of Breakaway Partners with the goal of creating the industry’s first commercial prescription drug access solution based on a comprehensive, real-time view of actual outcomes and costs.

By merging Komodo’s Healthcare Map and software suite with Breakaway Partners’ formulary data, policy criteria and analytics software, the partnership will deliver improved patient access like never before.

Breakaway Partners will contribute the latest data intelligence, effective targeting, messaging and timely attraction initiatives to improve sales performance, as well as exceptional customer service, data accuracy and accountability that will ensure unparalleled data processing, resulting in complete insights into the patient journey and therefore optimised patient outcomes.

The two leaders will join forces to provide comprehensive information on formulary and policy data combined with patient journey information, details on the impact of policy and formulary decisions on patient outcomes to inform value-based strategies that improve those outcomes, and the tech-driven capability to understand and prioritise patient access based not only on the current landscape of existing policy restrictions but also on the actual experience of individual patients, all through state-of-the-art automated software.

Until now, market access decisions have been based on costly, manual and time-consuming analyses of aggregated formulary and policy criteria. This often resulted in outdated and incomplete information that also lacked visibility into patient outcomes.

The partnership aims to solve this problem through a single software interface that will be able to understand and prioritise patient access with information rooted in the current landscape of existing restrictions, as well as the actual experience of each patient.

Following the merger, Christian Pinsonault, managing partner of Breakaway Partners, said that “traditional formulary aggregators lack not only the depth and breadth of data to see patient outcomes, but also the intuitive software to unlock that information. “With this merger, the two healthtech visionaries aim to make it possible to track the impact of policy decisions and formularies on patient outcomes, but also to inform value-based strategies that improve those outcomes to create a paradigm shift in how medical data can be processed to provide an optimised pathway from diagnosis to outcome for patients worldwide.