Earlier this month, the healthtech platform, Miiskin, which allows people to regularly track their skin changes, integrated a mole sizing feature that allows users to measure moles or lesions by comparing them to a reference object via the app.

Using machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality technology, the feature allows for skin self-examinations by detecting and comparing size and changes essential to monitoring moles for potential signs of melanoma. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, individuals are the first to notice signs of skin cancer on their skin in more than half of cases and these signs appear as new marks or moles in 80% of cases. 

It is medically recommended that patients use the ABCDE tool to help them identify signs of melanoma. This tool suggests that any mole larger than 6 mm (¼ inch) in diameter meets the threshold for the “D” warning sign. Miiskin’s new feature helps users identify two of the five signs, diameter (D) and evolution (E), and allows them to be alerted of any mole reaching the “D” warning sign threshold. With its computer vision and AI-assisted technology, the app can also capture images of moles, including their size, and monitor changes in diameter, shape and colour over time. This provides valuable insight into the warning sign “E”. While the app does not replace a medical diagnosis, it allows users to self-identify warning signs that allow them to quickly consult a dermatologist for medical assessment and treatment. 

How does it work?

The integration works by using the user’s smartphone camera. The user photographs their mole next to a coin, which serves as a reference object recognised by AR. For accuracy, users record data such as the reference coin they are using and the outer extremities of the mole, which are processed by machine learning and computer vision technology to measure and record the size of the lesion. Currently, the feature supports reference coin options including US, UK and EU currencies.

A pioneer in machine learning and computer vision in patient skin self-monitoring technology, the healthtech company is pursuing its innovative path initially charted by its popular Automatic Skin Imaging tool to privately and automatically take full-body skin photos for use in skin self-exams. Miiskin is set to revolutionise the previously time-consuming and difficult task of monitoring skin and moles. Such self-monitoring tools allow for faster diagnosis and therefore improved patient outcomes.

The feature will gradually be made available to iOS and Android users, but it was first launched on iOS devices, while it is only compatible with iOS11 and above.