Renowned Weight Watchers Embraces Technology And Launches Digital Subscription Platform For Weight Loss

In order to remain competitive in the ever-changing health and wellness technology sector, WW International has released its latest approach to weight loss, a fully interactive digital subscription plan dubbed Digital 360.

The company is introducing a new digital platform featuring its iconic WW method, while providing users with access to on-demand and live coaching, an online peer-to-peer community and a variety of online events.

Specifically, subscribers will be able to take advantage of personalised weight loss and wellness plans, workouts, meditation, cooking videos, CoachLIVES sessions, daily inspiration posts from WW coaches and much more. A podcast combining walking workouts with celebrities and expert commentary is also available, as well as a live interactive virtual event with wellness leaders, expert guests and WW members.

Digital 360 is already available, starting at $4.61 per week.

Healthy habits at the heart of self-care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 42% of adults in the United States are obese. As obesity is one of the most common conditions leading to preventable premature death, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, weight loss is an impactful practice that is growing in the digital world.

With regard to the WW method, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a review of an evaluation of six randomised controlled trials comparing WW programmes with control groups. The evaluation showed that WW members had lost at least 2.6% more weight after 12 months than their peers.

In addition, the review also identified the WW programme as the most cost-effective, which is important given that obese individuals spend on average more than US$1,400 more in medical costs than people with a healthy weight each year, according to the CDC.

In addition, other studies have indicated that commercially available digital weight loss programmes can achieve clinically significant weight loss in the short to medium term.

Fitness subscriptions are increasingly gaining ground

WW has also integrated the use of AI into its offering by presenting its personalised myWW+ weight loss programme last November. The customisable plans and machine-learning based content are also available to Digital 360 plan subscribers. 

Kurbo Health, an application designed to tackle obesity in children, has attracted the attention of WW, which is also looking to expand in this area.  The application was relaunched in 2019 after being acquired by the weight loss giant and is now called Kurbo by WW. The educational nature of the application allows young users to monitor their food consumption and behaviour, while providing general advice on lifestyle habits and teaching them about topics such as reading and understanding food labels.

As health and wellness technology is becoming increasingly important, CVS Health has shown its interest in developing further in this area by adding more digital health leaders to its offering. Its point solution management service now includes Big Health’s Daylight, Vida Weight Loss +, Weight Watchers, Kurbo and Naturally Slim.

Apple is also keeping pace in this area after launching Fitness+ last fall. The platform is designed to be synchronised with an Apple Watch and offers a series of fitness videos..

Mindy Grossman, CEO and President of WW, stressed that following the overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of myWW+, the company is delighted to present D360. As coaching is at the heart of WW’s success, she went on to say that “the experts at D360 Coaches will not only support our members with their expertise and advice, but will also introduce them to a variety of opinion leaders at the forefront of wellness – to offer their unique perspectives to our members on how to achieve their goals, improve their health and achieve a life full of possibility”.