Earlier this month, leading hearing aid company Signia announced the launch of its new Active Pro range. This groundbreaking new hearing aid combines innovative technology with discretion and design. The vision of the new range is to combat the stigma of hearing aids and provide people with hearing loss with a stylish and practical solution. 

Indeed, due to the highly individual nature of hearing loss, which varies widely depending on the setting, traditional hearing aids are not always up to the task of walking down a crowded street, dining in a busy restaurant or working in an open plan office . That’s where Signia’s Xperience™ YourSound™ technology comes in. This solution aims to give the wearer superior speech understanding in noisy and challenging environments, tailored to their needs.

Emma Jones, Brand Manager at Signia UK, said the range has been developed with the aim of tackling traditional hearing aid issues associated with sound quality, while focusing on design that will make users feel more comfortable and confident when wearing their hearing aids.

In addition to sound quality, Active devices also offer many of the features associated with consumer earpiece devices, such as Bluetooth® connectivity for music, streaming and phone calls on the go. Lithium-ion charging for up to 26 hours, and the benefit of optional Qi wireless charging with the Signia Active Charger pocket charger, means total flexibility and independence for busy lifestyles.

All devices include Signia Assistant, the company’s landmark AI integration that serves as a digital assistant to the wearer who can also receive 24/7 support via the signal app on their smartphone. Signia Assistant uses AI to continually optimise the support it provides and to learn each hearing aid wearers’ preferences for the most personal hearing experience possible.

Signia Assistant is available via the Signia app, available for both iOS and Android, and allows the user to adjust settings to achieve even clearer sound and better speech understanding in all situations, while it also answers questions about how the hearing aids work and reminds the user of the details discussed during the appointment through intuitive text dialogue and ‘how-to’ videos. Finally, it improves the quality of follow-up appointments with a new level of information about real-world usage.