The First European Digital Ecosystem Dedicated to Healthtech Launched by Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali And Orange

On 25 January 2021, the project to create a joint venture in France to accelerate the development of innovative healthcare solutions and their delivery to patients was unveiled by Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange.

The first project of this scale in Europe will enable cutting-edge scientific and technological expertise to join forces through a virtual platform and a physical base located in Paris. Directly linked to the “Campus PariSanté” initiative already announced by the President of the Republic, the project aims to strengthen France’s international positioning in the booming health technology sector.

The founding partners have announced an initial investment of €24 million in the new forward-thinking structure, which will be operational from June 2021 for the virtual platform and December 2021 for the physical hub.

With innovation and digital data assuming an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector, the opportunity for France, and Europe, to capitalise on the innovation and dynamism of start-ups through investments by large companies is undeniable. The joint development of digital solutions facilitating access to health technologies, both for patients and the health ecosystem, has conceptualised the way it works. It will focus on key themes for one or two years at a time, from technology to pathology or  patient population, or may focus on public health topics. The new ecosystem will bring together 4 leading companies and is intended to unite large companies and start-ups from all over Europe around an open innovation approach, paving the way for groundbreaking new models.

The distinctive features of this project are based on 3 key pillars:

  • Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange will pool and share their technologies, expertise and data with selected startups, in accordance with regulations and within an ethical and responsible framework, in order to actively support the development of digital innovations that are set to improve the standard, safety, accessibility and efficiency of healthcare.
  • the multidisciplinary dimension of the ecosystem will be brought about through the close collaboration of the founding companies, partner companies and around 100 French and European startups, as well as other players from the health, technology and insurance sectors, public and private hospitals, patient associations, regulators, schools and universities,
  • developing innovative solutions to optimise the healthcare services of tomorrow, from the initial idea to bringing them to market so that patients and healthcare professionals can benefit from them. By focusing only on one specific topic at a time, the dispersion of resources will be contained and the chances of success and value creation for patients and the entire healthcare sector will increase.

Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi, emphasised the valuable benefits of the structure to France and more broadly to Europe, who already have all the necessary assets to sustain an open ecosystem centred on the development of digital technologies and health data. The aim is to position the EU among the world’s leading innovators in the field of health technologies. The common ambition of the founding companies is to bring together a wide range of players who will “collectively invent the future of health for the benefit of patients and thus place France at the heart of European innovation in this strategic field”.

According to Aiman Ezzat, CEO of the Capgemini Group, the founding members of the company felt a sense of responsibility to put technology at the service of the health for future generations. Now a priority for Capgemini, the Group is looking forward to contribute to the project, adding how “digital technology will provide a tremendous boost” to the development of innovative healthcare solution. 

Positioned to provide a large volume of anonymised data dating back several decades to start-ups, which will make it possible to model and accelerate the overall development of solutions, Generali, a historical player in the healthcare market, is keen to play a key role in the potential that this revolutionary ecosystem has to offer to the sector. “Generali wishes to make an active contribution to the creation and operation of this unique ecosystem in France and Europe, in collaboration with other international companies that are leaders in their sector“, stated Jean-Laurent Granier, CEO of Generali France and President of Europ Assistance.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange, also outlined the company’s vision: “We are pleased to be involved in this ambitious partnership, which aims to put digital technology at the service of improving health services for all. At Orange, we are convinced that digital transformation is an important source of progress and that the potential of e-health is immense”. As a leading European operator, the technologies and expertise that Orange brings to the table will undoubtedly complement the innovative nature of start-ups so as to accelerate the development of healthcare solutions across the EU.

A digital platform intended to structure health technology innovation within the ecosystem

With the aim of digitising healthcare innovations in the core, an institute-linked online platform to bring together experts, institutions, schools, universities and hospitals will stimulate the solutions-oriented approach to questions concerning the use of digital data and tools in the health sector. The platform will also accelerate the interaction between founders, partners and startups, while hosting hackatons, competitions and the sharing of data and expertise, always in compliance with regulations and ethical standards.

A first of its kind physical base located in Paris

A project to be established in the heart of Paris. The structure will include a design laboratory, a Fab Lab, a Data Lab and a Living Lab where both patients and medical experts will be able to develop, test, refine and assess solutions. In addition, a dedicated laboratory for ethical and economic issues will also be set up. It will complement the work of the PariSanté Campus, which is already seeking to structure and unify an international healthtech sector, open to both national and international partnerships.

About the founding companies


Sanofi is an international biopharmaceutical company focused on human health. Its mission to help people facing health problems is made possible by the development of its vaccines and treatments and by its commitment to the fight against both rare and chronic diseases.

With more than 100,000 people in 100 different countries, Sanofi translates scientific innovation into healthcare solutions worldwide..


As a multi-national leader in consulting, digital processing, technology and engineering services, Capgemini is dedicated to providing a wide range of clients with opportunities in the ever-evolving field of the cloud, artificial intelligence and digital presence. With a 50-year heritage, strong industry-specific expertise and a visionary approach to development, the Group enables organisations to realise their business objectives through a range of services spanning from strategy to operations.  Responsible, ethical and multicultural, the company employs more than 265,000 people in nearly 50 countries. Capgemini’s vision is to promote human energy through technology for an ethical and sustainable future. Together with Altra, the Group generated combined revenues of €17 billion in 2019.

Generali France

Today, Generali France is one of the leading insurers in France and delivers a full range of insurance (health, life and disability, assistance, property and liability), savings and wealth management solutions to more than 7.4 million people. Operating in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the extensive skills and proven expertise of its 9,000 employees and its networks of commercial intermediaries, agents, brokers and partners so as to accompany its customers throughout their lives. As a company committed to a global CSR initiative, Generali France supports its clients in their efforts to make the economy more responsible, sustainable and socially responsible through a range of solutions that are optimally designed to address the societal and environmental challenges of today’s world.

Generali Group

Founded in 1831, it is currently operating in 50 countries around the world, having generated a total premium income of more than €69.7 billion in 2019. Generali is one of the world’s largest insurance and asset management providers. Employing nearly 72,000 people and serving 61 million customers, the Group holds a leading position in Europe and is increasingly expanding its presence in Asia and Latin America. Generali’s vision is to be its clients’ partner for life, offering them innovative and personalised solutions through unrivalled distribution.


Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with a turnover of €42 billion in 2019 and 143,000 employees as of 30 September 2020, including 83,000 in France. With more than 257 million customers worldwide, including 212 million mobile customers and 21 million fixed-line broadband customers in 26 countries, Orange is also one of the world’s leading providers of IT and telecommunications services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services. In December 2019, the group introduced its ambitious strategic plan “Commitment 2025” which, under the guidance of social and environmental responsibility, aims to redefine its operator model. While gaining momentum in growth areas and data processing, with AI at the core of its innovation model, the Group intends to become a responsible and ethical employer, fully in line with emerging professions.

Orange is listed on Euronext Paris (symbol ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN).