VitaVi is coming: the Italian tech company that makes quality and digital technology the main ingredients in its nutritional supplements

VitaVi is a start-up that aims to digitize the dietary supplements industry by combining technological innovation, scientific research, transparency and environmental sustainability.

Italy has experienced a 28% increase in the use of nutritional supplements during 2020 – specifically vitamins, minerals, immunostimulants and probiotics. However, despite this increasing demand, the sector remains rooted in the past: digitalization of the industry is vital to provide consumers with both the highest quality product and a seamless, transparent, customer experience. This is why VitaVi was born: the company is an eCommerce platform that leverages technology to produce and deliver high-quality dietary supplements. VitaVi carefully selects raw materials from the best producers around the world and combines them in vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free products, made in Italy and delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps.

Developed by Francesco Maria Citoni and Andrea Pregnolato, the start-up aims to drive innovation in the food supplements industry. At the time of its debut in the Italian market, VitaVi offers a range of multivitamin supplements in the V / Essential line, which provide key nutrients based on gender and age group. The company’s products will further expand to include supplements that address specific needs, such as immune system defense, stress, sleep and skincare.

From saffron to vegan vitamin D3, VitaVi supplements are made of natural and carefully selected ingredients, including a wide range of branded active principles developed and tested in the best international laboratories. The company is focused on quality from start to finish: from the choice of raw materials to the delivery to the customers’ doorsteps. VitaVi has deep partnerships with professionals specialized in medicine, nutrition and chemistry, to ensure the company formulates highly effective and safe products.

“VitaVi offers high-quality products, providing supplements comprised of nutrients in their optimal form, without unnecessary ingredients. We can do that at competitive prices thanks to our direct to consumer business model, which removes very significant distribution costs traditionally paid by brands to pharmacies. We believe customers deserve transparency and a larger share of the product’s value, and most importantly we want to ensure they can find the best solution for their needs”, said Francesco Maria Citoni, CEO and Co-founder of VitaVi. “Our mission is to revolutionize the world of dietary supplements and we want to do it through five fundamental pillars that form the basis of every decision we make: science, quality, transparency, customer centricity and sustainability.”

Science, quality, transparency and more: VitaVi is not only green in terms of its color, but also in its brand values. Recognizing the importance of minimizing the impact on the environment, the start-up uses biodegradable and compostable PLA pill jars made from sugar cane. A similar approach is used for their labels, produced in bio-based plastic, as well as their shipping bags, made of Paptic® – an innovative material produced from renewable sources that is completely recyclable.

VitaVi in a glance
VitaVi is an Italian technology company that operates in the field of dietary supplements, with a focus on quality and technology. As an Italian platform for the delivery of high-quality nutritional supplements, VitaVi aims to digitize the food supplement sector by combining technological innovation, scientific research, transparency and sustainability. Founded in April 2021, the company is led by Francesco Maria Citoni, CEO and COO, and Andrea Pregnolato, CTO. The VitaVi product range consists of multivitamin supplements from the V / Essential line, designed to support customers based on their age group and gender, as well as a line of needs-based products to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve skin health and promote quality sleep.