XRHealth and Reducept join forces to launch VR therapy for pain management

XRHealth, the developer of therapeutic and extended reality apps, recently announced its collaboration with Reducept to develop its VR therapy offering for pain management.

Through Virtual Reality, patients are able to engage in exercises that teach chronic pain sufferers to better manage their pain, potentially reducing the need for medication.

Reducept’s VR Game follows a unique method developed by the company, which teaches the user’s brain to create its own pain medication through digital psychological pain management. This method will be integrated into the partnered pain management app to give patients access to immersive visual journeys and education through playful storytelling. The app also provides targeted behavioural experiences and applies evidence-based techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy through 3D body virtualisation. 

With the CDC estimating that more than 20% of US adults suffer from chronic pain and 7.4% of them suffer from high-impact chronic pain,  the VR-based application will enable many people to enjoy a better quality of life, with a potentially reduced need for medication. 

Reducept’s technology is designed to train the brain to manage pain differently by combining scientific knowledge on pain education, psychology and digital therapy, while teaching users what pain is, how it affects their bodies and giving them practical tools to apply in everyday life. The company has already helped more than 2,500 patients learn more about their pain and take more control of their lives.

The company’s software integration has won the United Nations World Summit Award, Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge 2019, International Serious Play Awards 2019 and Game Bakery Awards: Best Serious Game 2020 for its innovative approach to chronic pain management. 

Speaking about the partnership, Margryt Fennema, CEO of Reducept, expressed the company’s delight at having Reducept’s treatment integrated into XRHealth’s platform. She emphasised that the two companies share a common vision of providing pain sufferers with a pleasant, satisfying and long-lasting treatment through a combination of several patient-centred techniques, which have been clinically proven to reduce the negative impact of pain on quality of life.