Epigenetic factors in cancer can now be identified by a machine learning system

Scientists have developed an innovative machine learning method that can accurately identify epigenetic factors in cancers. The collaborative study by researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, New York-Presbyterian and the New York Genome Center (NYGC), published in Cancer discovery, has resulted in an innovative machine learning method that can accurately identify the genetic changes that cause […]

Miiskin platform integrates mole measurement feature to track skin health

Earlier this month, the healthtech platform, Miiskin, which allows people to regularly track their skin changes, integrated a mole sizing feature that allows users to measure moles or lesions by comparing them to a reference object via the app. Using machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality technology, the feature allows for skin self-examinations by […]

Personalised Remote Support Platform Available To Brain Cancer Patients Through Collaboration Between Vinelhealth And The National Hospital For Neurology And Neurosurgery

The Vinehealth app, designed to improve the quality of life and survival of cancer patients, announced that it is partnering with the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery to extend its highly personalised support services to brain cancer patients. By using the app, patients will be able to actively engage with their care but will […]

New AI study for breast cancer treatment funded by Google Health

Google Health and Northwestern Medicine have joined forces to launch a new research study to explore whether AI models could be used to reduce the time to diagnosis of breast cancer. With 10-15% of mammograms requiring additional diagnostic review, the two partners are counting on AI technology to help prioritize mammograms that require further review […]

Machine Learning Optimises Lung Cancer Treatment Decisions

Researchers have developed a model that is 71% more accurate in predicting the survival expectancy of lung cancer patients. The results show that machine learning has the potential to assist health professionals in their decisions about treatment of the disease.  The Penn State Great Valley research team conducted a study in which they developed a […]