Google strikes deal with hospital chain to use patient data to develop healthcare algorithms

The company will access and store anonymised data from patients’ medical records and Internet-connected medical devices. The collaboration will allow Google to access anonymous patient records from HCA, which operates 181 hospitals and more than 2,000 healthcare sites in 21 states, to develop healthcare algorithms for the channel. The data will be used to develop […]

VR mental health treatment eases COVID-19 vaccination process for needle phobics

The NHS has launched a free VR-based treatment plan to help patients overcome their fear of needles.  As the COVID-19 vaccination process continues in the UK, Vita Health Group and the NHS have joined forces to provide patients suffering from trypanophobia – the fear of needles – with techniques and strategies to overcome their fear […]

Headway raises $70 million in Series B funding round to develop its mental health platform

The pandemic has certainly highlighted the importance of mental health. Covid-19 has brought many people down with illness or worse, but it has also brought increased isolation, economic uncertainty and many other kinds of disappointment, and all of this has had a ripple effect on our collective and individual state of mind. Headway focuses on […]

Nine Lessons Learned on Digital Health For 2020

With 2020 thankfully behind us, we are ready to welcome the new year, which seems to be one of enormous potential for digital health. Although the past year has been mainly devoted to COVID-19 and its impact throughout the world, there have been other important developments, many of which were a direct (positive) result of […]

Digital Stethoscopes: Optimising Healthcare During the Pandemic

Digital stethoscopes facilitate social distancing while allowing precise collection of information and faster collaboration.  Essential to diagnosis, stethoscopes are one of the most widely used tools in hospitals and clinics. But the new challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have called for the optimisation of the traditional model.  Noisy ventilators, protective headwear and everyday hospital […]

The COVID-X Open Call #1 was closed, receiving in total 112 applications

COVID-X Program is a European initiative for digital innovation supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program. It tackles the clinical challenges of COVID-19 related to diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up of patients with data-driven technology solutions.  The goal of the COVID-X Open Calls is to select 30+ technology providers that obtain 4M€ of […]