Komodo Health Announces Acquisition of Breakaway Partners to Improve Patient Journey

Komodo Health recently announced the acquisition of Breakaway Partners with the goal of creating the industry’s first commercial prescription drug access solution based on a comprehensive, real-time view of actual outcomes and costs. By merging Komodo’s Healthcare Map and software suite with Breakaway Partners’ formulary data, policy criteria and analytics software, the partnership will deliver […]

Epipole contributes its tech to a €1.1 million collaborative project for the development of an ICP diagnostic technology solution

The project, funded by the Eureka Eurostars program, is a collaboration between Epipole, the Danish ICP Statumanu and the University of Southern Denmark. The objective is to develop an efficient technological solution for the diagnosis of intracranial pressure (ICP). What is intracranial pressure? Intracranial pressure is an increasing pressure inside the skull that usually results […]

Thymia raises $1.1m for video game-inspired tool to assess and track depression

Thymia has raised a £780k/$1.1m pre-seed round to scale its platform to assess for and monitor depression. The Thymia technology removes the subjectivity from mental health assessments: instead of answering questionnaires, patients play specially designed video games which use cutting-edge Neuropsychology, Linguistics and Machine Learning to detect signs of depression, as well as monitor whether […]