Marina Borukhovic

Position: CEO
Organization: YourCoach.Health
Country: Spain

Marina is a transformative tech leader, an exemplar of the power of health coaching, a breast cancer superhero, and a passion-driven CEO. After moving to Amsterdam and receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, her mission became to help other women feel in control and beautiful. Shortly after her diagnosis, she received her health coaching certification, which guided her to discover an opportunity to innovate in the increasingly important field of health coaching. She founded YourCoach.Health as a practice management platform and interface for all things health coaching, to kickstart the Health Coaching Revolution. It’s Marina’s mission to bring the power of health coaching to as many people as possible. Out of the office, Marina enjoys boxing, wife-ing, mom-ing and catering to Bentley, her French bulldog and Chief Emotional Support Officer.  

YourCoach.Health is your virtual home for all things health and wellness coaching. Built for coaches, by a health coach, it’s a practice management platform and one-stop-solution for cultivating coaching and client relationships and achieving real and lasting health outcomes.