Mendi the Swedish brain healthtech startup pulls in €3 million via crowdfunding


With a team of neuroscientists and neurofeedback experts, Mendi is on a mission to improve the brain health of 10 million people by 2025. The very first batch of Mendi devices, manufactured in Sweden, will be delivered to consumers in December.

“We want to use cutting edge technology combined with scientific collaboration to lead the way in the brain health space.The initial interest for Mendi has been overwhelming, with the first batch of devices shipping in a few weeks and with thousands of people on the waiting list to get one”, stated Moha Bensofia, CEO for Mendi and previously investor in Werlabs, Astralis Group, War On Cancer, Natural Cycles, Fishbrain and numerous other companies.

“The idea behind Mendi grew from a desire to use neurofeedback to improve our own mental well-being. My Co-founder, Sammy Saldjoghi, ran a leading neurofeedback clinic in Stockholm and this is where we both first met. In the clinic I saw the incredible benefits of this method and we both felt this potentially life-changing technology should be available to everyone”, expained Rickard Eklöf, one of two Co-founders of Mendi.

How it works: Mendi’s cutting edge brain health device enables customers to measure, control and train brain function. The neurofeedback headset uses the flow of oxygen and blood in the Prefrontal Cortex to measure brain activity. The Mendi app visualizes activity in near real-time. Users can increase activity and train their brain function simply by controlling the game with their mind.

“I was a Mendi user long before being its CEO. I started using Mendi last year, and within a few weeks, people around me started telling me that I seemed more positive, energetic and retentive. It’s the same with our first testers, they found a host of benefits from using the technology. When I first invested in the company I had no intention of getting a job, but once I saw the power of the technology, I felt I had to do whatever is in my power to make it available to all”, says Moha Bensofia.

Mendi´s neurofeedback device makes brain training engaging and fun as well as it helps users preserve and enhance brain activity and neural plasticity. Users can see results by training their brains for 5 to 15 minutes 3 times per week. Neurofeedback is an important part of the brain health system Mendi is building.

As part of Mendi´s overall mission to make every brain healthier, the company also encourages users to make positive lifestyle choices to improve their wider brain health and well-being.